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For differences between surgical masks and N95 respirators, please see CDC’s infographic.

Ehhh, I personally feel a good HEPA filter and tight fit is better than nothing.

Testing the Efficacy of Homemade Masks: Would They Protect in an Influenza Pandemic?

Article (PDF Available) in Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness 7(4):413-418 · August 2013 with 171,666 Reads

DOI: 10.1017/dmp.2013.43

If you signed up the TMS webinar with Dr Akin and Hamilton and Gianetti it is on.

At least in 2 counties, it looks like it’s working.

Shared genetic variants suggest common pathways in allergy and autoimmune diseases

"The relationship between allergy and autoimmune disorders is complex and poorly understood.

We sought to investigate commonalities in genetic loci and pathways between allergy and autoimmune diseases to elucidate shared disease mechanisms.

We meta-analyzed 2 genome-wide association studies on self-reported allergy and sensitization comprising a total of 62,330 subjects. These results were used to calculate enrichment for single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) previously associated with autoimmune diseases. Furthermore, we probed for enrichment within genetic pathways and of transcription factor binding sites and characterized commonalities in variant burden on tissue-specific regulatory sites by calculating the enrichment of allergy SNPs falling in gene regulatory regions in various cells using Encode Roadmap DNase-hypersensitive site data. Finally, we compared the allergy data with those of all known diseases."

Some folks with MCAS or Mastocytosis have reported Interstitial Cystitis symptoms as a common comorbidity.

I have seen several recent papers with an warning tone to them relative to use for Elmiron (Pentosan Polysulfate Sodium

) for Interstitial Cystitis. Chronic use appears to possibly result in serious macula changes.

I would track news on this if you take this long term. There is noted correlation but as yet, no definitive causation.

My doctor had tried this med on me on this but soon changed to Uribel, budesonide and cromolyn sodium with satisfactory resolution.

Possible Drug-Induced, Vision-Threatening Maculopathy Secondary to Chronic Pentosan Polysulfate Sodium (Elmiron ®) Exposure

R Christopher Doiron et al. Can Urol Assoc J. Feb 2020

"At a recent meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmologists in San Francisco, Vora et al6 presented their findings using data from Kaiser Permanente and identified 140 patients (from the database of 4.3 million) who had taken an average of 5000 pills over a 15-year period. Of the 140 exposed patients, 91 agreed to an examination and of those, 22 patients showed clear evidence of this specific maculopathy, which authors believe was associated with PPS exposure. Their data is currently unpublished, but reports suggest there did appear to be a dose-response relationship with the toxicity.
These are alarming findings. However, several questions remain unanswered. "

For my healthcare associates. Be clean, be safe and please don’t bring home your work.

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Real cool Optics technology. From Simon Fraser University, Mango RNA bonding phospor dyes glow when detected!

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Missing link in coronavirus jump from bats to humans could be pangolins, not snakes

March 26, 2020 American Chemical Society

As scientists scramble to learn more about the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, two recent studies of the virus’ genome reached controversial conclusions: namely, that snakes are intermediate hosts of the new virus, and that a key coronavirus protein shares “uncanny similarities” with an HIV-1 protein. Now, a study in ACS’ Journal of Proteome Research refutes both ideas and suggests that scaly, anteater-like animals called pangolins are the missing link for SARS-CoV-2 transmission between bats and humans.

The researchers identified protein sequences in sick animals’ lungs that were 91% identical to the human virus’ proteins. Moreover, the receptor binding domain of the spike protein from the pangolin coronavirus had only five amino acid differences from SARS-CoV-2, compared with 19 differences between the human and bat viral proteins. This evidence points to the pangolin as the most likely intermediate host for the new coronavirus, but additional intermediate hosts could be possible, the researchers say.

Ran out of toilet paper and now using lettuce leaves.
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Still waiting on preprint